“Colless has created a kind of Hogwarts that operates on the magic of environmental awareness."  Kirkus Reviews

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New fast-paced science fantasy adventure out now!

When 11- year-old Peter Blue and his team are sent on a quest to catch a group of Renegale imps (bad baby gales) they have no idea where to start – how do you catch the wind? But Peter’s mentor Agent Fleur has enough to worry about with a toxic yellow fog attack on seven cities. Then Peter’s classmate Wanda Shore pledges to fix the fog even though she’s totally unqualified and just flexing to her followers, says her soon – to-be roommate Riva du Lac. The adventure takes them to an active volcano where they soon figure out that the fog and the Renegales are connected. But digging too deep will be dangerous and may also bring to light a dark and unwelcome secret from Peter’s past that he’s not going to like.

With its gripping storyline, complex characters, and stunning visuals, Renegale Tales is a must-read for science fiction and fantasy fans. Whether you’re a seasoned reader or new to the genre, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. – Midwest bookreview

The Peter Blue eco-adventure book series shines light on climate change through fast-paced, realistic sci-fi novels.
Perfect for middle-grade readers and adventure lovers of all ages! 

Eye of the Stormlord - Middle-grade mystery meets climate change

Eye of the Stormlord - Jump into the book!

For the initiates of Spiral Hall, the race is on to make the top adventure team. Eleven-year-old Peter Blue is in the running for the finals. But when Peter learns that his dad, thought dead for five years, might still be alive, he and his friends are drawn into a larger test of courage going far beyond the contest lines and forcing Peter to become the hero he is destined to be.

About the author

Laurel Colless is an Australian-New Zealander living in Finland. A literary comparatist by education, she spent 25 years working in business in Asia, the US and Europe, before coming back to writing. Now, she brings together her background in environmental business and journalism to create a new kind of myth-making that reflects the climate reality of today’s children. 

Her first book, the Sleeping King, which is a prequel to the newly launched Eye of the Stormlord, won the 2018 Children’s Moonbeam Gold award for Pre-teen Fiction. 

Laurel Colless is founder of the Carbon Busters Club, a kids’ climate-science adventure program that combines creative expression like storytelling and dramatic arts with science education. In 2013, she became an Al Gore Climate Reality Leader.

Eye of the Stormlord - Middle-grade mystery meets climate change

Must read label by Book Nerdection

“A Masterpiece!” – Book Nerdection

“A compelling saga.” – The Midwest Review

“Although the demon Anthrogs may be a figment of Colless’s imagination – they are a frighteningly realistic issue. Our own destruction of this planet is causing more and more extreme weather conditions, and the only hope we have left is the younger generation.”

Sally Altass, Reedsy Discovery, 5-star review

Chu, Wanda and Riva

Young students in a school of eco-intelligence train to combat nature’s enemy warriors.

In Spiral Hall, an invitation-only school for the world’s eco-demically gifted children, eleven-year-old Peter Blue is something of a legend, or so he’s told. His father, a top agent in GAIA – the Global Advanced Intelligence Agency – has been missing for years, believed to be dead. Yet it has recently been determined that he is alive and being held captive by the evil Anthrog Overlords – the growing threat to Earth, demons born out of garbage dumps, who now show up as wildfire disasters and killer storms. As Peter gains skills and knowledge to combat the Anthrogs, he must prove to himself that the legend is true in order to save his father and the world, before it’s too late.

“Peter and his friends are on a fast-paced journey, meeting dangerous environmental warriors with the world’s destruction as their end goal. Earth’s caretaking “elementals”—nature spirits who hold up the Earth— live underground, help plants grow, and clean up the trash and pollution that humans leave behind, corroding the planet. It is an adventure where the earth, its weather enemies, its natural providers, and its stewards are all living beings, and the evils of overconsumption and environmental degradation must be defeated at all costs.”

– Tara Lewis, Children’s Book Marketing Specialist, NYC

You might also like The Sleeping King, which is a prequel to the Peter Blue series,
and tells the back story of Peter’s original quest to Spiral Hall. 

Children's Moonbeam Gold Award
The Sleeping King won the 2018 Children's Moonbeam Gold award for Pre-teen Fiction

Each book can be read as a stand-alone story!

Legend holds that in centuries past, great king was laid to rest, leaving a promise to wake again when the world would need him most. Could eleven year-old Peter Blue be that sleeping king? “He sleeps more than we do!” complain the old people at the Gum Tree Rest Home in the Australian bush, where Peter’s lived since his parents were killed by wildfire. When a pesky wizard-type pulls Peter out of a nap, telling him to wake up and save the world, Peter’s naturally not interested. It’s only when a strange clue in his birthday treasure hunt leads him to Dad’s Global Advanced Intelligence Agency (GAIA) jacket that Peter starts to change his mind.

In the pocket, he finds a card for Spiral Hall—Secret School for the Ecodemically Gifted.

The Anthrog forces are rising on earth. They feed on the stench of human greed, and right now it’s a free lunch. The Anthrogs also want to get to GAIA using Peter’s high-tech jacket as the key. Can Peter get to GAIA before the Anthrogs get to him?

Peter Blue’s legend-inspired story combines the magic of a child confronting a promise from another lifetime with the realism of climate change, which Peter and the initiates at Spiral Hall are destined to take on.