“A smoothly written fantasy that deftly balances adventure and science education.”
"Colless builds an alluring world rich with believable conflict, challenging adventures, and an appealing camaraderie between Peter and his friends. The prose is vivid and distinct. …

The story’s creatures and setting are intensely original, and the novel highlights climate change issues in a way that will engage and entertain readers. …

Peter is noteworthy in several ways: within the storyline, his birth was viewed as a portent of his special powers, but Colless also crafts an intuitive, likable hero in him. Secondary characters are memorable, including the evil Anthrogs, who manifest as ecological threats."

"The story keeps you interested and wanting more. The writer’s description of ecology with a mix of science, fantasy, and mystery is captivating, to say the least ... in all, this is a master piece. "
Although parts of Eye of the Stormlord does invoke Hogwarts, this is not a carbon copy of the boy wizard. It's a book with a conscience that tries to gently nudge pre-teens to take an interest in the planet we call home, and how we can combat the concern that is climate change. Although the demon Anthrogs may be a figment of Colless’s imagination for this tale - they are a frighteningly realistic issue. Our own destruction of this planet is causing more and more extreme weather conditions, and the only hope we have left is the younger generation.
"Laurel Colless creates a compelling saga that rests in the arms of fantasy, but incorporates many messages about family, life connections, and good and evil. It also incorporates social and political messages, often delivered with a wry wit that young readers will find unexpected and compelling…"

"Elementary-level libraries looking for rollicking good fantasy adventures that offer a dose of something more serious in the way of life and ecological inspections will find Eye of the Stormlord an attractive recommendation for pre-teen to teen readers. It stands alone nicely, but also adds to The Sleeping King, a prequel which introduced Peter, Spiral Hall, and the special milieu in which he operates."
- Published by Midwest Book Review
“Laurel Colless has presented one of the most well-written and exciting books I have read in a very long time, which entices children to read about important issues which affect the future of life and the future of our planet.”

“For me, reading The Sleeping King was like watching a Cinemax film with subtitles – every single detail was written so well that the images played out perfectly in my mind.”

“With our planet being abused and climate change being held as fake by some of the biggest players in the crime scene, I feel it is absolutely imperative that The Sleeping King be read by all people, young and old.”
"The Sleeping King will really wake you up with this rousing tale of the adventures of young Peter Blue who is destined to galvanize the world to solve the threat of climate change. Charming and fascinating it is a gripping tale. I can scarcely wait for his further adventures."
"Laurel Colless has created a magical world where young heroes fight for nature, for its own sake and for our common future. It’s a gripping read…and an inspiration for the young hero in each of us."

“The Sleeping King by Laurel Colless is a good fantasy read for children, warm and delightful, a story that is sprinkled with elements of mythology and magic.”

“The dialogues are lively, indicating the author’s gift for humour and allowing character development to evolve. The Sleeping King is utterly entertaining and the writing is confident, balanced, and focused.”

“This is the kind of book that can be used to raise awareness in children on global warming and other social issues threatening humankind.”

“A fantasy tale featuring delightful characters that primes readers for an ongoing series.”

What are readers saying?

“I liked this book because it has good pacing and the story line is good. It’s also unique as you cannot find many books like this in stores.”

Mia Kalifa, 10-year-old reader, France

“Everything during the final showdown was really so intense in the best way possible.”

Anna Pirinen, 10-year-old reader, Finland

“Eye of the Stormlord is a real page-turner and kept my interest from the beginning. Like Harry Potter stories, I am sure that it will appeal to people of all ages, not only young people.”

David Rogers, Grandparent, Canada/Finland

“I like how you kept it all about the kids and that they stayed true to their personalities throughout the book.”

Jay Quinn, Grandparent, USA

“Your bad characters were very scary!”

Liz Hogan, Parent, New Zealand

“A very clever, science and technology-based adventure that is not predictable, in that the reader doesn’t know what is going to happen, or what they think might happen, is always a lot more complex.”

“The challenges are realistic, and the fear of the characters, and their self-doubt appropriate for their age.”

“I like how all the characters come good in the end using their own respective characteristics for good.”

Nigel Colless, Educational Psychologist, New Zealand

“I loved how animals were brought in to the story even though they weren’t the main interest.”

Anna Anttonen, 10-year-old reader, Belgium/Finland

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